Soap Sock - Irish Spring


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Soap in a sock has multiple uses and comes in random colors!  

1.  Loofah in your shower - covered in wool, these will naturally felt with use and make a great loofah.  I like to place in an open soap dish to allow for drying between uses.

2.  Air freshener in your car - place near a heater vent for a stronger smell.

3.  Dresser drawer freshener - throw one of these in your dresser drawer to keep your unmentionables smelling fresh!

4. Mouse Repellent - though I have no scientific proof, many people swear that Irish Spring is a deterrent for mice.  I have kept several of these in my camper for the past few years and have had no mice!  Regardless of the mouse repellent factor, they keep the camper smelling Irish Spring fresh!